November 1, 2018

New free content coming to the Unreal Engine Marketplace

By Amanda Bott

We are partnering with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators to offer select content to the UE4 community for free to give artists, designers and programmers even more resources at no additional cost.

Beginning today, the following content will be free to download throughout the month of November. Once you’ve acquired this content, it’s yours to use forever!

November’s Featured Free Content:

WaterMill Environment - SilverTm


Low-poly pack for creating fantasy environments

POLYGON - City Pack - Synty Studios

An urban city-themed asset pack

Dead Hills Landscape v2.0 - Pixel Perfect Polygons

A 64 square kilometer open landscape


A beautifully detailed desert dragon

Advanced Magic FX 13 - Kakky

A variety of visual effects for magic spells and attacks

In addition to the above, the following assets are now permanently available for free in the Marketplace.

New Permanently Free Content:

2D Graveyard Pack Handcrafted Art by Robin Ekeheien

A collection of high-quality, stylized 2D graveyard assets

Advanced Village Pack by Advanced Asset Packs

A collection of assets to build a small village

Animal Variety Pack by Protofactor

An animal pack to bring your levels to life

Arch Vis Polish Pack #2 by Warren Marshal

A series of decorative Arch Viz meshes

Fantasy Music Pack by Taylor Brook

A collection of orchestral music created for a variety of fantasy settings

FPS Weapon Bundle by Deadghost Interactive

A weapons bundle optimized for first-person games

Human Vocalizations by Gamemaster Audio 

A series of groans, shouts, screams, laughing, crying and more

Inventory System by HowtoCompute

An advanced drag and drop inventory system

Landscape Backgrounds by Gokhan Karadayi

A modular landscape set

Menu Builder Carousel by W3 Studios 

A fully-customizable menu system 

Necro’s Utility Material Pack by Necrophob30

A collection of parameterized master materials

Quadruped Creature Variety Pack by Protofactor 

A collection of fantasy creatures with character models and animations

Water Materials by tharlevfx

A collection of 12 different water materials featuring oceans, rivers, waterfalls and more 

Be sure to grab this month’s free content while it’s available and check back in December for a new round of free content.

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