Necro's Utility Material Pack

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A set of utility materials perfect for a variety of projects.

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Avoid the drudgery of hours spent creating commonly needed materials such as brick walls, ceramic tiles, or metal roofs. Pack includes

a multitude of parameterized master materials created from custom photo sources, as well as a few with 3d software sculpted normals. Several

of the materials utilize vertex painting to add extra details, such as a grime layer or rust.

Additional info and pics on my website: link

*For Further Support: Please report any issues to*

Technical Details

This pack contains 27 master materials and an accompanying 60 instanced materials. Each texture driving these materials is 2k in resolution,
and 1k and 4k versions are provided for most. Diffuse/roughness/normal textures are included for each material, with the roughness placed in
the alpha channel of the diffuse. Many of the textures also have ambient occlusion and height maps included in a single merge texture.



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