Human Vocalizations

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Human Vocalizations contains 1034 vocals sounds. Perfect for a variety of different games.

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Human Vocalizations contains 1034 vocals sounds. A variety of: Attacking Groans, Battle Shouts, Death Screams, Painful Grunts, Various Efforts, Crying, Laughing and more. Both male and female voice actors.

Listen to the audio preview > HERE

View the full sound list > HERE

ALL sounds from Human Vocalizations are included in our full sound package Pro Sound Collection. So if you need more sounds be sure to check it out before purchase.

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Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks: 1034

Number of Audio Cues: 1034

List of included tracks: Yes

Does music\audio loop: No

How many sound FX: 1034

How many minutes of audio provided: 23 minutes

File format: Unreal Engine (.uasset)



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