Control Rig Mannequin sample updated to demonstrate latest 4.26 features

Epic Games Product Designer Jeremiah Grant
With the release of Unreal Engine 4.26 comes an updated Control Rig Mannequin, which integrates some of the latest Control Rig capabilities for you to explore. These updates include a new sample animation scene, finger controls, and a Backwards Solve graph so you can use the new Bake to Control Rig functionality. We also renamed the controls to match the naming convention of the bones, making it much easier to match controls to bones.
Jump into our new animation features with the updated Control Rig Mannequin sample project

New Feature: Loops and Gizmo Visibility

The new Mannequin Control Rig demonstrates how to use looping to connect several controls and bones simultaneously with just a few nodes. We’ve also added nodes to control the visibility of control gizmos. This lets you show and hide individual finger controls or twist bone controls.
Use Loops and Collections to generate finger control connections

New Feature: Backwards Solve and Bake to Control Rig

You can now transfer your mannequin animation sequences onto a Control Rig using the new Bake to Control Rig feature in Sequencer. This takes advantage of the Backwards Solve graph we’ve added to the Mannequin Control Rig. A Forwards Solve is where bones are driven by controls or other inputs. The Backwards Solve lets you run a rig in reverse, driving a Control from the transform of a Bone. When using Bake to Control Rig, this graph is called per-frame of an animation to invert the pose onto the Control Rig. Explore the Backwards Solve graph in this sample to learn how to implement your own.
Bake to Control Rig in Sequencer lets you edit animations with a full animation rig

New Content: Female Mannequin with Control Rig

In addition to all the improvements to the Control Rig itself, we’re also introducing the new Female Mannequin to the sample project with an accompanying Control Rig. The female mannequin asset is also now available in the templates containing the third person mannequin for 4.26.
Female and Male Mannequin Control Rigs are now available
For more advanced Control Rig examples, take a look at the Meerkat Demo for the film-level Meerkat Control Rig.

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