Workflow on Fortnite: Collaboration on large teams with UnrealGameSync

By Robert Gervais and Ben Marsh |
June 11, 2020
Making a game requires people with different skill sets to work together. Each discipline has its own needs to work efficiently—artists need stable tools, designers need the latest gameplay features, and engineers need quick feedback on their code. Those needs can be at odds with one another, and balancing them without slowing down the team's ability to iterate can be a challenge.

With a constant stream of new features and content for Fortnite, we had to come up with a workflow for streamlining the way we distribute the Unreal Editor to our team. Many developers have asked us what that process looks like, so we wrote a white paper, Workflow on Fortnite: Collaboration on large teams with UnrealGameSync, to give everyone some insight into how we work.

In this paper, we discuss the challenges that we encountered with our previous editor promotion pipeline, and how we leveraged the lessons we learned while developing our own games to create and customize UnrealGameSync (UGS). The resulting workflow streamlines editor distribution for projects on teams as small and localized as the Battle Breakers team, and as large and distributed as the Fortnite team.
UGS can be adapted for many different types of games, including yours, and we offer these insights to the game development community so you can use them to streamline your own editor updates.

    Download the white paper

    To learn more about how our development challenges led to the creation of UGS, and how you can use it to streamline your own workflow, download the Workflow on Fortnite: Collaboration on large teams with UnreaGameSync white paper.
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