White paper: Reducing Fortnite’s power consumption

Ben Woodhouse
Optimizing the energy consumption of your games is not only good for the planet, it also cuts energy costs for players.

What’s more, you can make these improvements for very little development cost and with minimal impact on player experience.

In our new white paper, Reducing Fortnite’s Power Consumption, we demonstrate how we cut Fortnite’s power consumption on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

You’ll get a deep dive into the methods we used, recommendations on improving the energy efficiency of your own games, and code snippets to get you started.

Many of the energy savings described in this paper can be achieved without your team having to write a single line of code—so there are big wins to be had with minimal time and effort required on your part.

Download the white paper and find out how we optimized Fortnite to save the energy equivalent of 14 wind turbines running for a year—and how we helped reduce the energy bills of our players in the process.

     Reducing Fortnite’s Power Consumption

    Dive into our new white paper and explore a range of straightforward methods you can use to reduce the energy footprint of your own games.