Ultimate Skill System

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Ultimate Skill System provides tools for easy creating your own skills.

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 Ultimate Skill System is a powerful mechanism to create skills and abilities in your game. It also allows you easily integrate skill system in already existing project. High quality widgets provided by this system will help you interact with player by using skill book, skill bars and cast bars. There are many events and functions which will help you to customize whole system as you wish, for example you can animate your skills and characters easily. If you want to create RPG game Ultimate Skill System is a perfect choice. Skill book is a smart widget which will automatically resize itself, cast bar will help you to track any character cast and skill bars allows you to drag and drop skills, bind and use them. Easy to use, easy to set up – that’s how it works!

Technical Details

You can find Ultimate Skill System Demo video on youtube

Note: skills icons and character mesh in this video is just an example. I'm not selling set of skills/character spells but system provides ability to create new skills and API to manipulate such widgets as skillbook, skill bars, cast bar e.t.c.

You can find Ultimate Skill System tutorial here

Please feel free to contact me if you need any information: fatcowgames@gmail.com


  • Skill book with customizable tabs
  • Customizable skill bars
  • Keybinding feature
  • Cast bar for any character
  • Tooltips for skills
  • Cooldown, global cooldown functionality
  • Skills drag and drop functionality


  • Number of Blueprints: 4
  • Number of Widgets: 9
  • Number of Enums & Structures: 4
  • Number of Materials: 2
  • Number of Textures: 7
  • Number of Data Tables: 1
  • Input: Keyboard, Mouse
  • Network Replicated: No



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