Shroom Pack 01

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50 models of various mushrooms (5 different species) including textures, standard PBR materials as well as Substance materials.

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Realistic mushroom models accurately based on existing species help increase the realism and beauty of natural environments. This pack includes 50 individual mushroom models based on five different species ready to use in game. Sample level includes PBR materials for each of the five species with 2K texture maps for base color, normal, roughness, as well as an emissive texture for the bio luminescent species. Also included as a bonus are substance materials (sbsar format). To use, download and install the free Substance plugin then import the sbsar files from the shroomPack01/bonus/substance folder. Assign the substance material to the corresponding mushroom model and use the dynamic controls to adjust wetness, raindrop size, dirt cover, dust cover, color properties, and bio luminescent colors and quality (glowingManipularis model only). Also included base mesh as an obj with quadrilateral polygons.

Technical Details

Models and materials have been tested in Unreal 4.11.2 and 4.12.4. The PBR materials in the example level can be edited using the standard Unreal material node interface. Instances have been created to allow for adjusting of custom settings such as glow color, wetness, and subsurface color.

To use the substance files the Substance plug-in must be installed and running. Textures are 2K png files. Included Readme.txt file includes explanation of the substance controls.

Intended Platform: For use on any platform that supports 3D models and PBR materials

Substance plug in is not required to use these Mushroom models, I added the Substance materials for fun but you don't have to use Substance if you don't want to. The Standard PBR materials work just fine and they can be edited if you like.



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