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The Multiplayer RPG Inventory System is great for Client-Server or Single player games, supporting picking-up, equipping, transferring, replacing, stacking, and dragging-dropping items.

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Multiplayer RPG Inventory System is complete and fully functional inventory management system. Very strong side of the plugin is very clean and simple to follow code. In fact it is extremely easy to build a game based on the system or mixed it with already working prototype of the game. Regardless of use case - RPG / Survival / Multiplayer / Single Player is perfect choice being always reliable.

What happened when one client has opened StorageLoot and the other client drops an item into it?

  • Every change done by other players to the loot container is updated for all watching players. It means that every player who has opened container will immediately see all changes done.

Is plugin well optimized?

  • Yes, the whole feature was designed properly and implemented carefully so replication is a very strong point

Only the simplest data are sent over the network via RPC calls!

Is plugin fully functional in Single Player mode?

  • Yes! No matter if you are hosting the game (being server), playing alone or with friends using Dedicated Server it always works as intended.

Most of the assets are unique and created for Inventory System.

There are few assets mixed from other UE4 demos - like chest, shield, hammer or default Unreal Skeleton.

Technical Details


  • fully supported Multiplayer!
  • picked up items moved to the Inventory
  • move items between slots in one Container or a slot in another Container
  • move items from Slots to Containers (not a slot)
  • replacing non-stack-able items
  • stacking stack-able items
  • highlight for available Slots and Containers!
  • drag and drop functionality
  • fully supported pickup system
  • checking items with LineTraceByChannel
  • mouse over text on pick-able objects when specific distances are reached
  • outline effect for Items
  • attachments for the character

Short statistics:

  • components = 5
  • structures = 4
  • widgets = 8
  • other Blueprints = 12
  • materials = 42
  • items = 33
  • textures = 38


Number of Blueprints: 25

Supported Development Platforms: Win32, Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win32, Win64



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