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Ships and Rocks

Conrad Justin - Props - Mar 20, 2018
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2 maps, 9 modular galleons (2 merged ones), Chinese vessel, Shipwreck, rocks, reef and foliage... Over 190 models

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  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.17 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

NEW Update (22.11.2023) Folding sails animation!

Updated (14.11.2021) Fixed rendering issue for engines 4.20 and higher

Updated (05.03.2020) improved foliage materials, fixed merged galleon 2 - redone and added new animations

Updated (18.12.2019) Improvements to the maps and functionality

Updated (13.08.2019) - Second merged galleon and better sails materials

Christmas update (19.12.2018) - 4 anchors!

Trailer (old!):

Tutorial (quite old but still useful):

Artist's page:

  • 2 levels - environment and overview map. Make sure to check out the overview one for descriptions of the features! New update (11.2023) incudes animations of folding (furling) sails.

  • Over 190 meshes (including 5 Blueprints), 123 materials, all of them are parametric, 1 particle system plus bonus trailer soundtrack.

  • Chinese Junk, 2 merged galleons with rigging & animations, sails with simple baked animations, sails with cloth simulation, 9 segments of the modular galleons (in the map you can move entire segments and align sterns, bows and middles, creating 9 combinations of the ships (snapping 500 and world coordinates to move them). Two ships are merged and animated (5 animations). Ships remove water from interior (check the overview map or my YT tutorial), realistic water material with 4 types of waves

  • I have updated the pack so sail curling is now an option. Apart from the cloth simulated sails there are now separate sails situated in the Meshes\sails-prebaked. Those have prebaked animations - to make them loop seamlessly - overlap the animations in sequencer (UE will interpolate transitions smoothly). For the merged galleon (only G1) - Make sure to use "G1_rigging_new" skeletal mesh (Meshes\G1-merged). It has multiple pre-baked animations (Meshes\G1-merged\Animations) that start with "anim_G1-...". If you want to keep sails folded - use the "anim_G1-new_rig_folded-POSE" or for the individual sails look for the animations with "-folded" in the name. Check the overview map for the examples.

  • Keep in mind - if you use the pre-baked options - you won't have cloth sim!

Technical Details


  • merged galleons (G1 and G2) - animations
  • Chinese Junk
  • 9 segments of the modular galleons
  • wreck
  • 192 props: anchors, steering wheels, sails with cloth simulation and sails with pre-baked animations (idle, strong wind, furling), boats, foliage (bushes, flowers, water plant, bamboo, grass), rocks (several types), coral reef meshes, wooden assets (barrel, trims, posts, masts...), fishing nets, cannon, glass spheres, ropes, metal grates and more,
  • 123 materials (56 materials, 60 Instances, 4 decals) - parametric, some allow for vertex painting (like ships hull),
  • 5 Blueprints: Assets emitting light and spline rope.
  • 1 particle system: Bubbles
  • 208 Textures (Texture sizes: 256-4k.)

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes, tested with the "3rd person game" project

Collision: Yes, mostly custom, some rocks use generated collision.

Vertex Count: Medium, Optimized tessellation for water and terrain,

LODs: Several assets have LOD's (rocks, cannons, barrels, foliage, planks, boats, reef assets)

Number of Meshes: 192

Number of Materials: 123

Number of Textures: 208

Additional Notes: Sails use cloth simulation but for better optimization you can now use the sails that have pre-baked animations! Custom value of the depth pass (stencil number 253) removes the water from the interior of the ship - see the overview map as an example.

To enable the water removing go to the edit/project settings/Engine-Rendering/Postprocessing/Custom Depth-Stencil Pass and enable with stencil!