DoN's 3D Pathfinding for Flying AI

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Volumetric pathfinding for Flying A.I. bots to navigate complex aerial corridors, aerial obstacles, 6 D.O.F 3D-mazes, etc. This fully dynamic solution supports procedural worlds with ever-changing collision geometry and other advanced use-cases.

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DoN's 3D pathfinding for Flying A.I. enables your bots to navigate narrow aerial corridors, crevices, 3D mazes, etc without having to rely on waypoints, line-tracing heuristics or other less reliable methods. The system works even in highly dynamic/procedural worlds with moving collision geometry. Easy to use behavior tree node and Blueprint APIs provided, no C++ knowledge necessary. A comprehensive demo map has been prepared with examples of complex scenarios, known limitations, usage tips and more. The plugin has been tried-and-tested in a production environment (for the Steam game "Drunk On Nectar").

Technical Details

• Fully dynamic 6.D.O.F. pathfinding solver for Flying A.I.
• Supports "Infinite Map Size" (lazy-load) along with "Finite World" (better performance) for accommodating projects with vastly different requirements.
• The Finite Mode is much faster but supports small to medium sized maps while the "Infinite" mode is slower but supports pathfinding "anywhere-anytime" with absolutely no limits on map size or world location.
• "Fly To" Behavior Tree node provided along with a rich Pathfinding A.P.I. accessible from Blueprints and C++.
• Tick distributed solver guarantees game thread is never held up more than a certain amount of time. Limited multithreading available.
• Robust query-timeout handling, debug visualization and various advanced options are included, fully demonstrated in the demo map.

Network Replicated: No, but client A.I. will automatically receive location updates via Unreal's standard actor location replication as only the Server is expected to perform the actual pathfinding.
Supported Development Platforms: Win64
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win32, Win64, Linux (additional platforms may work, but aren't tested)
Example Project:
Important/Additional Notes: Implementing locomotion functionality is not the focus of this system. Solved paths are routed to your bot for you to implement any desired kind of locomotion.

If you enjoyed this plugin do check out DoN's new Mesh Painting & Gameplay plugin for Unreal Engine too!



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