Cyber Mutant Xell: Genetically Modified Hunter Stalker

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Cyber Mutant Xell is a pbr character made by retopologization and projection of a high-poly sculpture. Xell is a lean cybernetic hunter, an apex predator of any ecosystem.

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Cyber Mutant Xell is a pbr character created via retopologization and projection from a high-poly sculpture. Rigged to the Epic skeleton, it is compatible with all marketplace animation packs. Xell has a lean and vicious appearance, sure to impress players. Xell's striking silhouette casts intimidating shadows and maintains strong recognition from a distance. The textures were crafted with pbr accurate value sampling as well as hand painted details. The material parameters allow Xell's color scheme to be easily configures through material instances.

Will your players be stalking metallic corridors as Xell themselves, or will they be running terrified from this apex hunter?

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Technical Details


  •  Awesome PBR Character Model
  •  3 Optional Character Part Models
  •  Animation Blueprint Included with Twist Bones Ready
  • Configurable Material Instances for Easy Color Swap

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes [No need for retarget manager, just consolidate skeletons.]

Number of characters: 1

Number of character option meshes: 3

Vertex counts of character meshes: 15576, 4968, 1080, 420

Triangle counts of character meshes: 5192, 1656, 360, 140

Number of Textures: 4

Texture Resolutions: 8192x8192

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows



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