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A set of tools for Unreal Engine 4 that anyone can use in ArchVis projects to add support for Virtual Reality specially HTC VIVE & Oculus VR.

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This project is fully built in Blueprint and you don’t need C++ or any additional plugin.

Currently three types of options are available and you can choose one or more of them on a mesh.
Unlimited number of options you can add to main options.
It’s very easy to add new options to objects in map.
You don’t need to change your current project you can easily add this to any existing project and apply options to your meshes.
You can pickup objects in level and design room inside VR.
3D and fully interactive options.
You can link meshes together very easily to share options and you can open menu on main mesh or linked meshes
Opening/Closing doors.
Capturing screenshot in VR.
Teleport or walk in level

New Updates:

New option type, Mesh Switch: With this option you can change meshes in your scene like the other options you have for changing Color, Material and etc.

Light Switch: You can turn On/Off lights in your level + You can manage static meshes for that light like Bulbs, brightness on bulbs and etc.

Teleporter Option : You can add some interested points in your level as a select able options to easy teleport for users, such as Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Other Floors and etc.

Commentary Option : You can add any note/tutorial in your project easily and player can Open/Close them easily.


Rotating doors fixed now and you can use it, a new map named Doors_Overview added that you can see how you can work with doors.
Physics, Now when you release a pickup able actor in air it'll drop on ground with a realistic physics.

Technical Details

you can add all options in level or you can use existing blueprint and create a child from them to adding options.
Three main blueprint for actors and meshes in level.
Three types of options (Color, Pattern, Decal) available now.
Three types of door available now.
One map that you can use or see all options.
Capture screenshot with in game camera.
Commented blueprints.



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