Unreal Fellowship: Games application now open!

Applications are now closed.

Are you a games industry professional looking to learn Unreal Engine? We’re thrilled to introduce a new Unreal Fellowship dedicated to game development.

The Unreal Fellowship is an intensive virtual program that helps industry professionals develop skills for the future of real-time technology. Previous Fellowships focused on key pipeline workflows including storytelling, virtual production, and worldbuilding. 

This time around, the Unreal Fellowship will focus entirely on building games in UE. If you already work on video games and you’re interested in learning Unreal Engine, Unreal Fellowship: Games is for you. Read on to find out more and apply today. 

What is Unreal Fellowship: Games?

This intensive, three-week virtual program is designed for those who want to learn and understand the process involved in creating a game with Unreal Engine. Participants will learn the basics of Unreal Engine, complemented by an in-depth exploration of several of Unreal Engine’s advanced features specific to games development. The aim is to provide a comprehensive, hands-on experience with the entire Unreal Engine art pipeline.

The Unreal Fellowship pairs participants with mentors and offers online support from industry specialists. The combination of mentors and industry specialists will help guide participants through the entire process of producing a functioning game with Unreal Engine—from concept and art style to delivering a complete game.

In addition to the mentorship and industry specialist access, we’ll be hosting industry guest speakers during select online lectures. These speakers will provide additional insights into how Unreal Engine is being used in professional AAA game development.

Who is Unreal Fellowship: Games for?

Unreal Fellowship: Games is open to experienced professionals in the gaming industry, including:
  • Game designers and art directors 
  • Lead programmers, technical artists, gameplay developers
  • Environment artists, level designers
  • Character artists, texture artists, animators, modelers
  • UI designers

Note: This program is designed for participants who are currently working in the games industry but are new to Unreal Engine.

What will I learn from Unreal Fellowship: Games?

Our instructors will guide you in mastering the following skills:
  • Program using the Blueprint system and its integration mechanisms
  • Create custom shaders that react to gameplay
  • Develop a distinctive art style that unifies the project’s visual aspects
  • Produce advanced Niagara visual effects that interact dynamically with gameplay
  • Efficiently fill environments using procedural content generation (PCG)
  • Use lighting techniques to achieve specific atmospheric conditions
  • Optimize and package games for final production.

What kind of game will we be making?

Paying tribute to the origins of gaming, we’ve chosen arcade games as the theme for this Fellowship. The theme was selected to encourage participants to experiment with diverse styles and innovative gameplay, with a focus on simplicity, engagement, and manageable project sizes for completion within a month.

We aim to highlight some of these games at the upcoming Unreal Fest, showcasing the talent and creativity of the participants.

When does this Fellowship begin?

Unreal Fellowship: Games will run virtually from July 22 to August 9 in the Americas, 10 AM – 7 PM EDT (GMT-5) and from September 2 to September 20 in EMEA, 9 AM – 6 PM CET (GMT+1). Applications are open now.

How do I apply for Unreal Fellowship: Games?

Follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Participants selected should possess some or all of the following prerequisites and should work in the fields noted above.
  • Must have a minimum of three years of game construction
  • Have worked on at least one published game
  • Can supply a portfolio of work

Submissions close on May 7.


Applications are closed.
Unreal Fellowship: Games is an intensive three-week virtual program for a comprehensive, hands-on experience with the entire Unreal Engine art pipeline.