September 6, 2018

Announcing Unreal Dev Days 2018

With many of today’s best and brightest game developers using Unreal Engine to push the boundaries of creative possibility and visual fidelity, Epic is excited to announce Unreal Dev Days 2018.
This year’s exclusive series of events is designed for game developers currently in production and will take place first in Los Angeles and then in Montreal, with sessions designed to help you be as successful with Unreal as possible. Get ready for insightful talks on best practices for optimization and performance, details on the latest engine improvements, and new features, such as Niagara VFX, available now in Early Access in Unreal Engine 4.20.

Registration is open! Details on the individual sessions can be found via the links below. 

Unreal Dev Days 2018 - Los Angeles | Thursday, October 18, 2018 | 10AM - 6PM

Unreal Dev Days 2018 - Montreal | Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 10AM - 6PM

We hope to see you there.

UPDATE: You can now watch several of the sessions online here.

Session: Unreal Engine Roadmap
Presenter: Nick Penwarden, Director, Engineering, Unreal Engine, Epic Games
We’ll kick off the day with a discussion of the features and developments coming to Unreal Engine.
Session: Overcoming Common Early Challenges in Unreal Engine
Presenter: Zak Parrish, Senior Dev Rel Tech Artist, Epic Games

This practical discussion will present an overview of common issues that arise during a studio’s first six months on a UE4 project, focusing on solutions. Topics will include general best practices, optimization guidelines, and how to avoid common pitfalls of game development.

Session: Introduction to Niagara
Los Angeles - Wyeth Johnson, Lead Technical Artist, Epic Games 
Montreal - Alan Willard, Senior Dev Rel Tech Artist, Epic Games

In this Q&A-based session we’ll give an overview of Niagara, our new VFX simulation tool, and the philosophy behind our new VFX paradigms. We’ll talk about the Niagara feature roadmap and our new suite of content examples, and discuss the tool and its uses.

Session: Making the Most of Animation Blueprints
Presenter: Kaye Vassey, Senior Technical Animator, Epic Games

This talk will cover Fortnite’s use of animation Blueprints. We’ll cover the use of Blueprints for gluing together character parts after retargeting, dynamic solutions for low LODs, and faking dynamics in higher LODs with procedural animation techniques.

Session: Adjusting Your Content to Perform on Target Hardware
Presenter: Joe Conley, Support Engineer, Epic Games

When building new content for a given platform, or porting from one platform to another, it's very common to end up with assets that are too demanding for the target hardware. There are many tools inside of Unreal Engine that can help you align the content you made with what the hardware can actually run. In this session, we'll compare different methods for asset reduction such as polygon reduction, LODs, merging actors, and resizing textures to see which optimizations are effective in improving performance in which scenarios. We'll also discuss how to make your game load faster and hitch less through profiling and optimizing asset loading and garbage collection.

Session: What’s New for Animation in UE4
Presenter: Jay Hosfelt, Senior Animator, Epic Games

This talk will provide an overview of the latest animation tools in UE4. Topics include the Live Link and Control Rig plugins, and the Animation Retargeting feature.