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Volume 2 of The Virtual Production Field Guide now available!

Back in 2019, in response to growing demand for information and guidance on the emerging field of virtual production, we released The Virtual Production Field Guide (Volume 1), an extensive primer for anyone interested in or already producing projects using virtual production techniques. That first volume covered how this growing technology can benefit all aspects of a film production pipeline, as well as outlining the various types of virtual production. It remains a useful and relevant resource, and we recommended reading it first if you haven’t already.

Since then, however, several things have happened to influence this exciting field. These changes have prompted us to produce a second volume of the guide to supplement and extend the first. It takes a deep dive into a variety of virtual production workflows—including remote collaboration, visualization, in-camera VFX, and animation—and features a large number of case study interviews with creative professionals who share their experience in the field. You can download it for free below.

The Virtual Production Field Guide Volume 2

The second volume of this comprehensive resource for filmmakers is now available for free. Download it today.

What’s changed since the last volume?

New requirements and solutions for remote collaboration have emerged

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on virtually every aspect of our lives and businesses. Filmmaking is no exception, with new production safety requirements mandating reduced crew size and social distancing. 

Fortunately, real-time technologies lend themselves extremely well to remote collaboration, and tools and workflows that were already being developed prior to the pandemic are now evolving in sophistication. Such is their usefulness that it is almost certain they will continue to be used when COVID-19 is a distant memory. The guide explores these techniques and their benefits.

More high-profile virtual production projects have been completed

When volume 1 of The Virtual Production Field Guide was rolling off the virtual presses, a number of milestone projects were in the pipeline, but not yet cleared for public discussion. Now, some of those—including hit streaming series The Mandalorian—have been released, and we’re able to take you behind the scenes to get insights from the projects’ creators; between them, they’ve achieved new heights in virtual production and LED wall technology.
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Technology and workflows have evolved 

While filmmaking production methodologies are continually evolving, the rate of evolution for virtual production is unprecedented. Meanwhile, Unreal Engine has also evolved. Not only are enhancements to its virtual production toolset being delivered at a healthy rate, but true photorealism becomes ever more attainable with advances to technology like real-time ray tracing and strand-based hair and fur. In the guide, we explore the latest developments and learn from filmmakers innovating to overcome challenges on the fly. 

We hope you find Volume 2 of The Virtual Production Field Guide useful and enlightening. For more news, insights, articles, and case studies, visit our Virtual Production hub.

    The Virtual Production Field Guide Volume 2

    The second volume of this comprehensive resource for filmmakers is now available for free. Download it today.