Unreal Challenge: Creep It Real–winners announced!

Our second Unreal Challenge ran throughout October. In this challenge, we encouraged the community to create a short 10-60 second video showcasing their world-building abilities with a focus on both level design and environment design. This challenge was not just about aesthetics, but aimed to inspire worldbuilding within interactive experiences. 

We received hundreds of beautifully built entries to the Unreal Challenge: Creep It Real in two categories–Individual and Student. With this challenge, we have also trialed the Community Recognition Award where the community votes for their peer favorite. 
Without further ado…*drumroll*
Presenting the winners of the Unreal Challenge: Creep It Real!

Grand Prize, Individual:
The Tragedy of War - Choi Yong

First Runner-Up, Individual:
Trashed - Natalie Thorsley

Second Runner-Up, Individual:
Echoes - Seiji Anderson

Grand Prize, Student:
Eerie Things - Jaesung Jang

First Runner-Up, Student:
Vanishing People - KimSeungin

Second Runner-Up, Student:
Revenge - Yoon Ho, Choi

Community Recognition Award:
Pavel Koten - Stranded

Honorable Mentions: 

There were so many incredible entries, you certainly gave us a hard time narrowing down the finalists. Here are some of the submissions we also feel deserve a special mention.

 Polar Expedition - GarfSnacks

In The Shadow of Night - Rasoamanantena Fabiano

Join Us Condos! - Mike Ligammare

The Butcher of Blackwood - Seth Hedgepath

Silent Circus - Wootaek Jeong

Trick or Treats - Aurore Coutelier

Halloween Nook - UNJM

HauntedHouse - Robert Wesoły

Medieval Abandoned House - Mouleeswaran

DYBBUK - Daniel Langhjelm

Emerging Threat - Dylan Browne

What Goes On In Apartment 666 - Taylor Ambrosio Wood

Congratulations to the finalists, and a huge thanks to everyone who participated. Check out all the entries on the forums

Watch out for the next Unreal Challenge announcement in the New Year for another opportunity to put your creative and technical skillsets to the test—and a chance to win some great prizes! 

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