September 23, 2014

UE4 ‘Showdown’ and Epic Talks Headline Oculus Connect

By Dana Cowley

At Oculus Connect we showed folks an Unreal Engine 4 demo called “Showdown” for the brand new Crescent Bay development kit. Those who attended NVIDIA Editor’s Day may know our demo as “Carflip.” In this guns-blazing scenario, ammo and debris slice through the environment, a fiery car barrels past overhead, and you get up close and personal with a colossal mech enemy.

SlashGear’s Chris Burns (@t_chrisburns) reaction:

I’ve changed my mind entirely about virtual reality. The demonstration I saw earlier this month at NVIDIA’s Editors Day made it clear - VR is impressive enough and important enough to make a big impact on the gaming industry. What changed my mind? A demo the team at Epic Games call "Carflip."

Presentations from Epic’s developers were designed to help others build great work for VR. Pictured in the banner up top, Epic Games Lead Engineer Nick Whiting and Senior Designer Nick Donaldson gave a talk called “Learnings from UE4 Integration and Demos,” which can be downloaded from

In addition, Epic Games CTO Kim Libreri contributed to “Film and Storytelling in VR,” a discussion amongst leaders from film and moving pictures on the future of creating amazing narrative for VR. Kim in particular touched upon how game engine technology is used for building cinematic experiences.

Speaking of the fusion of film, game and VR technologies, Ikrima Elhassan from Kite & Lightning, the incredible trio behind UE4-powered Senza Peso, spoke on the “360-Degree Filmmaking for Virtual Reality” panel.

Most if not all of the first-party VR games and apps demonstrated at Oculus Connect are built with Unreal Engine 4. We are always working with Oculus to make sure UE4 developers everywhere have the best possible experience with the engine out of the box, and we’re just getting started.

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