May 18, 2016

Epic Games Awards $75,000 in Unreal Dev Grants

By Dana Cowley

In the latest round of Unreal Dev Grants, Epic Games awards financial support to five outstanding Unreal Engine 4 teams for their inspiring work and impactful contributions made available to developers and players everywhere. 

Here are the recipients: 


The Long Journey Home from Daedalic Entertainment - The Long Journey Home is a fantastic space-exploration RPG about doing whatever it takes to get back home. It is on display with Epic Games in the Unreal Engine booth at the Nordic Game Conference today through May 20. Check them out on Twitter, @daedalic.

Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island from Right Nice Games - What originated as a student project and is now a shipping game, Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island sets two unlikely heroes on an adventure to prevent a nasty villain from conquering their home and turning it into a wasteland. This game is also playable on Epic’s stand at Nordic Game this week. Follow @skylarandplux.


Unreal.js Plugin by Nako Sung - Unreal.js is a freely available plugin that brings V8-powered JavaScript into UE4. This flexible technology includes CommonJS modules, full access to the whole UE4 API and more. Follow @17facet.

Unreal.hx Plugin by Proletariat - Unreal.hx is a free plugin for UE4 that enables developers to write code in Haxe, a high-level, type-safe language. The plugin compiles directly to C++ for high runtime performance, offering full access to the entire UE4 API and more. Check out @proletariat_inc.

NeoFur Plugin by Neoglyphic Entertainment - NeoFur is a UE4 plugin that helps developers create gorgeous and dynamic fur, fibers, and soft fuzzy surfaces for their characters and environments, at fidelity levels never dreamed of before. Seriously, look at this caterpillar.

For more information on Unreal Dev Grants or to submit a project, visit

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