Image courtesy of O.T.K Games

City of Brass and The Vagrant swing into The Marketplace Collection

Epic Games is pleased to welcome City of Brass and The Vagrant to the Unreal Marketplace Collection, an Unreal Engine initiative that brings free high-quality content to all creators. Five new packs join the growing list of game content alongside What Remains of Edith Finch, Paragon, and Infinity Blade

From Uppercut Games comes stylized content from the first-person action adventure City of Brass, thematically inspired by the Arabian Nights. For 2D developers, O.T.K Games has released over 200 beautifully hand-painted textures from their fantasy action RPG, The Vagrant


Uppercut Games adds over 500 console-ready meshes with: 
  • Garden, palace, and city street tile sets
  • Vibrant rugs, vases, and other thematic decor
  • Over 700 colorful textures, materials and material instances
  • 14 stylized skeleton characters and nearly 50 animations
"We're thrilled to be able to share the City of Brass assets with the community, and we're especially excited to see how people will make use of the rogues gallery of enemy characters, " says Ed Orman, Co-Founder and Director at Uppercut Games. “Putting the City of Brass assets on the Epic Marketplace is a great opportunity for someone to try things with them that we would never have thought of. We hope they inspire people in new ways!"


O.T.K. Games’ 2D collection includes:
  • Over 200 stylized textures 
  • Mix-and-matchable sprites for villages, forests, and battlefields
  • Preset level generation
“Any developer wishing to develop a 2D game that isn't pixel art should definitely try this package,” shares Canlin Liu, Co-founder of OTK Games. “I think the unique artstyle will deliver a different visual to your project and maybe spark some inspiration for your next game."
If you’d like to see how these outstanding assets were used in a live game, become a daring thief in City of Brass on the Epic Games Store and hack-and-slash your way through Mythrilia in The Vagrant on Steam.

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