Celebrating student success in the Spring 2020 Student Showcase

Old London | Gnomon School of Visual Effects
By Melissa Robinson |
June 12, 2020
Students from around the world continue to blow us away with their talent, imagination, and ability. Unreal Engine creators are not only free to build their own immersive stories and experiences, but they are also becoming equipped with a set of transferable skills that can be utilized across multiple industries. 

This year, we received hundreds of submissions from more than 50 universities in 21 countries. 

View the next generation of creators below in the Spring 2020 Student Showcase. 


Since we could only include a select amount of projects for the spring showcase reel, we’ve decided to debut a new fall student showcase so we can highlight even more outstanding Unreal Engine student creations.

Be sure to check out these helpful tips prior to submitting your reel and, when you're ready, email your project details to student.reel@unrealengine.com.

We are always accepting submissions for both our spring and fall showcases, but submissions for potential inclusion in the Fall 2020 Student Showcase are due by August 5, 2020.

    Ready to submit?

    Want to be featured in the next student showcase? Submit your reel to student.reel@unrealengine.com.
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