Swift Motion Toolkit

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Swift Motion Toolkit is a set of character animation tools for motion retarget and root motion process.

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    5.0 - 5.2
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Swift Motion Toolkit is a set of character animation tools that integrates functions such as mo-cap resource import, animation retargeting, Root Motion processing, etc. At the same time, it also supports retargeting AnimSequence assets between different skeletal meshes.


Mixamo Animation to Manny

Mocap dancing to Mannequin

Mocap aiming to Mannequin

Mocap plane to Manny

Video tutorials




  •  Import mo-cap animation in BVH format and provide a preview.
  •  Retarget mo-cap animation to skeletal mesh asset. 
  •  Supports more precise restoration of the position of end joints using IK.
  •  Supports synchronizing animation to root and IK bones.
  • Supports baking vertical or (and) horizontal root displacements into animations.
  • Support for selectively preserving root rotation.
  • Support for converting animations with root motion to in-place animations. 

Code Modules:

  •  SwiftMotion ( Runtime )
  •  SwiftMotionToolkit (Editor)

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: About 100

Supported Development Platforms: Windows x64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows x64

Documentation: https://kontiki.info/swift_motion_toolkit

Example Project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DRzT4ssCTx_QWDJYXgrsNCQdqBq2qGSq/view?usp=sharing

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