Motion Tracker

GMRX - 蓝图 - 2023/09/21

A device that detects and tracks the movement of characters

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    4.27, 5.3 - 5.4
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The motion tracker is a device that can help you detect and find moving characters or objects in the world, it includes sound effects and an indicator to help you find the direction of the motion.

The motion tracker is sensitive and detects movement through walls and other obstructions.



  • The ability to change the detection radius.
  • The ability to change the minimum detection speed.
  • A widget that detects the direction of motion.
  • A widget that displays distance in numbers.
  • The ability to show one or multiple characters on the Motion Tracker screen.
  • Fully customize the shape and color of the icons on the Motion Tracker.
  • All audio is included.
  • Motion Tracker mesh included

Number of Blueprints: 4

Input: Mouse

Not Network Replicated

Supported Development Platforms: Windows




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