Modular window / Movable and scalable Widget / Resizable and draggable Window

Nyaunix - 蓝图 - 2023/09/27

Make your widgets transformable and more.

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Videos: DemoFPS-test

Demo download

You can create a window that can be modified using the available modules and place any widgets in the window itself.

Q: What is the feature of this product?

A: Ease of use and maximum modularity while maintaining optimization


  • Move - moving window, window does not move off the edges of the screen.
  • Size - window resizing.
  • Full screen - expands the window to full screen.
  • Hide - works together with a shortcut, hides the window.
  • Roll up - minimize a window, closes content or return everything to the original
  • Close - close window.
  • Lock_individual - freezes window modules.

All modules are compatible with each other

Other widgets

Module contents text and image can be set in the "date table".

Functions of the "settings" widget

   Freeze all modules of all windows

   Grid size (for movement and size)

   Reset position and size

Shortcut - creates scheduled windows, has a window appearance mode of “no more than one” or “as many as desired”

Taskbar-shortcut - if the "hide" module is present, and there is an indexed "panel widget", then it will be created in the latter. You can manually add it to any widget that is capable of storing many other widgets.

Does ZOrder work? Yes

What do I need to know to work? - minimal knowledge of blueprint widgets

Modules with save status: size, move, fullscreen, rollup, lock.

if you need help or find bugs: Discord or email


Full blueprints.

3 widget samples

3 window samples

Number of Blueprints: 56 (36 + 20 sample blueprints)

Number of pictures: 13 + 1 for sample

Input: mouse

Windows: Yes

Mac: Not tested