Intelligent Traffic System

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Realistic Traffic Simulations with Pedestrian Interaction for Unreal Engine. Adaptive AI, Authentic Intersections, and Community-Driven Updates. Try ITS now!

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    5.3 - 5.4
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Unleash the full potential of your Unreal Engine projects with the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS). Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your journey, this innovative system is designed for accessibility and performance. ITS brings lifelike traffic simulations to your scenes with AI-controlled vehicles driven by Behavior Trees, ensuring adaptive speed, steering, and realistic interactions. Create convincing intersections with a fully functional traffic light system, complete with pedestrians who engage with AI vehicles at traffic lights, breathing life into your virtual world. Fine-tune your traffic settings in real-time with an intuitive menu, all without the need for advanced programming skills. This package includes low poly vehicles, city buildings, and props, guaranteeing smooth performance even on less powerful PCs. ITS offers a unique community-driven approach, where your voice matters. Join our Discord community to shape the future of ITS through your ideas and feedback. Elevate your Unreal Engine projects with the Intelligent Traffic System and experience the immersive realism of traffic simulations.

Take the first step toward creating vibrant urban environments in your projects with the Intelligent Traffic System. Utilize its robust capabilities, including versatile parking options, working vehicle lights, and error-free handling, all integrated into Unreal Engine with blueprint-based simplicity. Our AI vehicles, driven by Behavior Trees, bring the road to life, adapting to traffic conditions dynamically. The authentic intersections, complete with pedestrian interactions, make your scenes more engaging and believable. Enjoy low poly assets that ensure smooth performance on a wide range of hardware, enabling a broader audience to experience your creations. With community-driven updates, you have a say in shaping the future of ITS. Join our official Discord community to influence upcoming features and share your insights. Elevate your Unreal Engine projects and bring urban environments to life with the Intelligent Traffic System. Try it today and experience traffic simulations like never before.

Showcase Video:

Corrupt City game made with Intelligent Traffic System

Traffic setup:

Pedestrian setup:

Discord Server:

Feel free to join the discord server for details on future updates, get the link to the playable demo and more!!



  • Realistic Traffic Interactions: Watch as AI-controlled vehicles adjust their speed, steering, and braking based on spline curve angles and vehicle speed for an authentic traffic flow.
  • Adaptive Lane Changing: Our system intelligently calculates safe opportunities for AI vehicles to change lanes.
  • Authentic Intersections: Create convincing intersections with a fully functional traffic light system.
  • Collision Avoidance: AI vehicles intelligently dodge accidents, adding authenticity to your scenes.
  • Pedestrian Engagement: Experience realistic interactions between pedestrians and AI vehicles.
  • Simple Real-Time Tweaks: Fine-tune traffic settings with an intuitive traffic menu – no advanced programming skills needed.
  • Low Poly Assets Included: The package features low poly vehicles, city buildings, and props for accessible and efficient scene creation.
  • Effortless Error Handling: Stuck vehicles are seamlessly teleported to empty parking spots for a smooth traffic flow.
  • Versatile Parking Options: Choose from two types of parking spots - one for cars that reverse when exiting and another for forward exits.
  • Working Vehicle Lights: AI vehicles come equipped with functioning headlights and brake lights for added realism.
  • Utilizes Default Chaos Vehicle Plugin
  • Vehicle Spawn System: Enjoy a seamlessly integrated vehicle spawn system that randomly spawns and despawns vehicles around you.
  • Compatibility: The ITS is designed for ease of integration into your Unreal Engine projects.

Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Textures are 1080 or below.

Everything is done in Blueprints.