Industrial Steelwork Ambiences & Sound Effects

Jake Fielding Sound - 音效 - 2023/06/01

Immersive Industrial Steelwork Ambiences + Metal Welding, Grinding & Cutting Sounds

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Introducing "Symphony of Steel" – an immersive audio collection that transports you to industrial construction and steelworking environments. This pack features two distinct categories of sounds, meticulously captured for an authentic auditory experience.

Step into the bustling world of construction with dynamic warehouse ambiences. From rhythmic hammer thuds to the hum of machinery, this assortment brings the vibrant atmosphere of a working warehouse to life. Experience the flurry of activity beyond the workshop. Hear beeping machinery, bustling workmen, and seagulls overhead, capturing the essence of outdoor steelworks.

Feel the raw power of steel fabrication with intense grinding and welding sounds. From metallic screeches to welding torch pulses, these sounds evoke the energy and craftsmanship of metalworking.



  •  33 Audio Cues, 33 Audio Wavs
  •  16bit 44.1kHz
  •  Seamless Looping
  • 35 minutes
  • Mac & Windows Supported

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