Huge Inventory System

HBGame - 蓝图 - 2023/03/23

Inventory system (Equipment, attachment, weapon and healing system)

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    5.1, 5.3
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Showcase: GetLink

Tutorials: GetLink

This asset is a part of the Huge Third Person Kit

PlaybleDemo: GetLink

Discord: GetLink

This asset is a full inventory system and has the following asset:

Equipment: head, chest, and leg

3 types of weapons: Primary, Secondary, and mini weapon

damage, healing system, and ammo system

this project ready for multiplayer and single player

NOTICE: The showcase video is many times ago, now weapons changed in this project

Also, you can see what we used produced in this project:

Infiltrator Demo: GetLink

Lyra Starter Game: GetLink

Military Weapon Silver: GetLink (Used SFX)

Infinity Blade Warrior: GetLink


Inputs: keyboard

Network replicated: Yes

support platform: All

Number of blueprints: 53

Number of widgets: 10

Number of mesh: 45 ( 15 from this project, 30 infiltrator demo and lyra, UE Characters, and infinity blade projects)

Number of materials: 96 (41 from this project, 55 lyra and infiltrator demo, and infinity blade project)

Number of textures: 220 ( 109 from this project, 111 lyra and infiltrator demo, and 3 infinity blade project)