Fridge Hums

Jake Fielding Sound - 音效 - 2023/10/01

A selection of refrigerator hum sound effects that can add a touch of everyday life to your game.

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Inside this library, you'll find a variety of refrigerator hums, each meticulously recorded to ensure quality and authenticity. Whether you're a sound designer, filmmaker, or content creator, these sounds are a valuable addition to your creative toolkit.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Models: Our collection includes hums from different refrigerator models, giving you options to suit your project's specific needs.
  2. Range of Soundscapes: From soft and subtle hums to slightly more noticeable vibrations, these sounds suit various settings, such as kitchens, offices, or laboratories.
  3. High-Quality Recordings: Professionally recorded and mastered for top-tier audio quality.
  4. Versatile Usage: Perfect for film, television, commercials, video games, animations, podcasts, and more.
  5. Easy Integration: seamless looping for easy integration into your game.

Whether you're aiming to create a cosy atmosphere, add depth to a location, or provide subtle background audio, this library provides you with the tools to enhance your creative work.

Your players will appreciate the authenticity and ambience these sounds bring to your content.


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  •  19 Audio WAVS, 19 Audio Cues
  •  16 bit, 44.1 kHz
  •  Seamless looping ✅
  • 25+ Minutes of Audio
  • Windows and Mac Supported
  • Demo Reel -

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