Footsteps SFX Pack

LegroSFX - 音效 - 2023/03/31

19 Types 427 Footstep Sounds For Your Project

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Introducing our latest sound pack - Footstep Sound Effects! This comprehensive collection boasts 19 unique surface textures and over 427 high-quality recordings, making it the ultimate tool for sound designers and editors looking to add realistic footsteps to their projects.

Our pack features a wide variety of surface textures, including CLOTH, DIRT, FOREST, GIANT, GRAVEL, ICE, LEAVES, MAT, MUD, MECHANIC METAL, RUG, SAND, SHOES, SNEAKERS, SNOW, WATER, and WOOD. Each surface has been carefully recorded and edited to ensure that every step sounds authentic and immersive.

Whether you're working on a film, TV show, video game, or any other project that requires realistic footsteps, our sound pack has got you covered. With a huge range of textures and variations to choose from, you can easily create a truly unique soundscape that perfectly matches the visuals.

So what are you waiting for? Add our Footstep Sound Effects pack to your library today and take your projects to the next level!


Audio file types: .Wav

Sample rate: 44,100Hz Sample Rate

Bit depth: 320Kbps Bit rate

Additional: Stereo and mono

Do Sound Fx Loop: No

Windows and Mac: Yes

Support Dev Platform: Yes

-Dynamic sound

-Well organized

Number of Audio Waves: 427

Number of Audio Cues: 427