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CyberPunkWorld ,The Mids : Animated Crates & Boxes.

JK Studios - 道具 - 2023/01/30

JK Studios Presents - CyberPunkWorld: The Mids volume 1 of 100 - Fine detailed Crates And Boxes. All of them animated and openable: 1 skeleton and 1 animation only.

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Welcome to the CyberPunkWorld series.

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These assets are part of a series which consists of over a 100 asset packs ready to populate your world, which here at JK Studios, we are creating for you.

Scene,Post Process and Effects are included in the pack.

What you see is what you get.


  • 1 single skeleton shared by all assets.
  • 1 single animation shared by all assets.
  • Interchangeable dirt texture to have different types of dirt, Also photorealistic.
  • World projected dirt texture, no one asset will ever look the same as another.
  • Main texture Atlas for perfect optimization.
  • Free goodies inside: Street Lamp, Tile able Floor, Walls, Neon.

We have created a consistent and coherent series, including through the creation of brands that add a very high level of detail. Each asset pack is consistent with the others, for example, the asset pack that includes banners and advertising, advertises brands that exist in the series we have created. The pack that includes debris and garbage includes real broken pieces of other packs, again to maintain the consistency through all the series assets. 

The Cyberpunkworld series was created by imagining a very strong social stratification into castes and divided by social theme into these subcategories for which you will find different miniseries:

  • The Underground: visually and stylistically represents the social category of the rejected abandoned by society without homes and jobs.
  • The Slums: visually and stylistically represents the social category where poor and deprived people live.
  • The Mids: visually and stylistically represents the social category where most people belonging, the middle class.
  • The Highs: visually and stylistically portrays the social category where wealthy people live and represents 5% of the population.
  • The Heights: visually and stylistically represents the social category where super rich people live in the most luxury context and represents 0.1% of the population.

In addition to these categories, you will also find modular characters in a beautiful anime style, vehicles and a category dedicated to hero assets.

Join discord after purchase and every week you can download a new asset for free.

Thank you, JK.



Number of Unique Meshes: 10.

SkeletalMeshes : 1 Shared by all the boxes.

Animations: 1 Shared by all the boxes.

Collision: Yes, automatically generated.

LODs: No

Number of Materials: 9.

Animated Materials: 5 (Panners, Flashers, Blinkers).

Material Instances: 8.

Number of Textures: 9.

Texture Resolutions: 1 main Atlas 1024x1024 px.