Customizable Vending Pack

Billy Gray - 道具 - 2022/08/14

Customizable Vending Machines, Soda Cans and Bottles

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Simple and Efficient -

Drag and drop the Vending machine or Soda Blueprints into your scene. Then use the details panel to customise them.

Set a custom colour, change the logos, crush the soda, swap between cans and bottles, make the Vending Machines flicker, layer "wear" on the Vending Machines, and more.....

Or simply select one of the Soda or Vending Machines and click "randomise all", which randomises the parameters on all Soda or Vending Machines already placed in the level.

Asset Parameter Memory [APM] -

After changing parameters on Soda or Vending Machine instances, the next one that you spawn will have those same parameters. Meaning if you set a vending machine to pink and then place another Vending Machine, it will start as pink. [this also works for wear, crush, logos and most other parameters]

Changelog -

  • 0.0.1_5.0 - Improved Bottle screw tops, Improved soda custom collisions


Number of Meshes: 15

Construction scripts: 2

Collision: Yes, custom [automatically generated]

Vertex Count: Vending Machines: 218 [LOD0]. Cans: 1,777 - 2,051 [LOD0]. Bottles: 745 - 1,761 [LOD0]

LODs: Yes, Vending Machines: 2 LODs [LOD1 34 verts]. Cans: 3 LODs each [LOD2 137 - 314 verts]. Bottles: 3 LODs each [LOD2 118 - 212 verts].

Number of Materials: 6 [+2 instances]

Base pass shader instructions: Vending Machines: 117*, Bottles: 62**, Cans: 137

Number of Textures: 14 [masks and maps are packed into channels]

Texture Resolutions: Soda: 1024 x 1024 [HD]. Vending Machines: 4096 x 4096 [UHD]

Supported Development Platforms: Windows-Based


Soda LODs can be forced to a selected option, using the construction script blueprint.

The Vending Machine Performance Mode can be enabled using the construction script blueprint. [Increases shader performance at the cost of features]

Soda Bottles can use transparent plastic by lowering the alpha on secondary colour [via the construction script].

More information can be found at

*in performance mode, 163 - 261 by default.

**103 when using transparency, controlled by secondary colour alpha.