BRY - 代码插件 - 2023/06/06

AES is an event management subsystem designed to enable objects to communicate while remaining agnostic to one another.

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    5.2 - 5.3
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AES is designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind. Flexible yet very powerful due to it's simplicity. The AES subsystem enables developers to:

  • Communicate between their objects without requiring hard references to each other
  • Send custom payloads by using custom AES Events
  • Generate events using dynamic blueprint nodes that auto-detect and expose payload properties
  • Not worry about managing delegate binding, unbinding & garbage cleanup

AES includes various types of event listeners that will enable developers to bind and listen for important actions between their systems without having to couple their systems together with hard references.

AES is a standalone, non-obtrusive plugin that doesn't need to know anything about any objects or classes within your project. AES works right out of the box and allows developers to simply "Plug & Play" with their existing projects!

This gives developers the added benefit of being able to add a new system and use AES to communicate with other systems in their game within a few minutes! However, if the new system doesn't work as expected developers can remove it without having to touch any other parts of the project!


Documentation (work in progress)

Discord Support


  • Fully event driven - no ticks, timers or delays
  • Automatic delegate binding, unbinding & clean up
  • CPU cache friendly by using sorted arrays and taking advantage of binary searches
  • Subsystem designed to plug and play with any existing projects requiring no hard dependencies
  • Editor customization for faster and easier event creation
  • Custom dynamic blueprint nodes to simplify event registration and customization
  • Demo map with clear instructions and examples
  • Custom node icons and colors because... why not? 😉


  •  AES (Runtime)
  •  AES Editor (Editor Only)


  • C++ Core: 10
  • C++ Editor: 20