Female Anims Starter

RamsterZ - 애니메이션 - 2022/08/16

Starter pack animations for a female Character

  • 지원 플랫폼
  • 지원 엔진 버전
    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
  • 다운로드 유형
    에셋 팩
    이 제품은 기존 프로젝트에 임포트 가능한 언리얼 엔진 에셋의 모음을 포함하고 있습니다.
Preview Video



  • Version 1.2: Anim pass to all anims in a new folder called 'Alternate', existing anims were not overwritten: general posing to settle the hands to the side, fixed goose neck issue, fixed some posing issues (January 10 2023)
  • Version 1.1: Added in missing IK bone key frames for all anims. Opened up the fingers a bit to make it look more relaxed during idles.

Production Description: From movement anims to expressive talking anims, this pack contains all of the essential animations you need to get your female Character moving and feeling alive.

  • Total Animations: 91
  • Idle 12
  • Jog 8
  • Jump 12
  • Sit 7
  • Sneak 18
  • Sprint 3
  • Stagger 12
  • Transition 3
  • Turn 6
  • Walk 10

***Female vampire model in the preview video is NOT included***


  • blueprints for any game play not included, this is strictly an asset pack
  • character models from the promotional video and images not included

기술적 세부사항


  •  pose matched start and end frames to the provided Idle animation
  •  If using UE4, you don't need to re-target animations. It uses the default female UE4 mannequin(v4.26). If UE5, you need to retarget using Epic's retarget tool. Tutorial
  •  Hand Crafted animation from an professional Animator

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: Yes

Number of Animations: 91

Animation types: Root Motion Ready

Supported Development Platforms: Windows