Scanned Traffic Props Vol 1

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This pack contain high quality 3D scanned traffic props which could be used for game or films. Models have been re-modelled and textured for easy use in unreal.

  • サポートされたプラットフォーム
  • サポートされたエンジンバージョン
    5.1 - 5.4
  • ダウンロードのタイプ
    アセット パック
    この製品には、Unreal Engine アセットを詰め合わせたものが入っています。任意の既存プロジェクトにインポート可能です。


This package contains the following props:

2 Different Demo scene:

·        Showcase – All promotion images created here, contains lighting, HDRI and an asphalt material

·        Overview– This map showcase the use of spline blueprint and physics simulation

10 Blueprint:

·        1 SplinePlacer – with this tool you can make traffic cones along a spline with equal distance. Tip for performance: in the blueprint set the collision type to no collision when you edit the spline, only enable collision when you are done with the form of the spline.

·        9 Actor Blueprint which contain variations or provide easier assembly

31 Mesh:

·        8 Traffic Cone

·        6 Concrete Bollard

·        5 Concrete Road Barrier

·        2 Speed Bump

·        2 Pothole

·        2 Wheel Stop

·        1 Road Marking

·        1 Plastic Barrier (easy to change the color through material parameter)

·        1 Parking Barrier

·        1 Flap Delineator

·        1 Lane Divider

1 Mobile Fence Base



·        31 unique high quality 3D scanned props

·        Texture variants

·        Real world sized

·        Lighting is optimized for dynamic lighting with LUMEN

·        Master material setups


Number of Unique Meshes: 31

Collision: Yes, generated inside unreal by hand

Vertex Count: 16-16116

LODs: Yes, Nanite enabled

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 5 Master Material 32 Instanced Material

Number of Textures:97

Texture Resolutions:

[96] 4096x4096

[1] 2048x1024

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes



Depend on your purpose you can lower the texture sizes.

You can increase the texture streaming pool by using the following console command: r.Streaming.PoolSize 2000

while editing spline blueprint:

  • turn off collision
  • increase the offset to like 1000 

Important/Additional Notes:

Contains assets from, licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal.


If you need additional information feel free to contact me!

You can also write request to this email is you need additional props for this pack!

Support Email: [email protected]