MalberS Animations: すべてのプロダクトが 50% 割引

Ju-87 BR Stuka

Rigged Animated Aircraft with Detailed Cockpit and Multiple Camouflages

  • サポートされたプラットフォーム
  • サポートされたエンジンバージョン
    4.27, 5.2 - 5.3
  • ダウンロードのタイプ
    この製品には、Unreal Engine プロジェクトの完全なフォルダが含まれており、Config ファイル、コンテンツのファイル、.uproject ファイルが完備されています。新規プロジェクトを作成するためのテンプレートとして利用することができます。

This is a complete project of a WWII dive bomber. The project contains skeletal and static mesh parts including highly-detailed cockpit components, as well as multiple camouflages, decals, animations, and animation blueprints.

The project provides dozens of camouflage combination plans. (refers to the last 4 gallery images)

Additionally, two demo maps: Movable Parts and Basic Flying are included.

The Movable Parts Demo Map shows where and how all these parts can be moved.

Please check it here:

Part 1 (Exterior)

Part 2 (Inside Cockpit)

The Basic Flying Demo Map demonstrates a basic controllable flying pawn, with animations and some functioning instruments like compass, turn-bank meter, climb-dive meter, clock, altitude meter and more. The Basic Flying Demo Map is experimental since it has some defects, mostly lighting, anti-aliasing and motion blur related. So please use this as a bonus or a reference for your own project.

(Video link)



  • Flexible ailerons, elevators, rudder, flaps, airbrakes, wheels, plenty of cockpit parts and more.
  • Using additional baked textures for the cockpit parts starting from LOD 1
  • Examples of 37 camouflage plans applied (woodland, desert, dark, and snow)
  • Assembled meshes into displayable blueprint and controllable pawn blueprint, through animation blueprints.
  • Manually processed LODs to fit from near to very far views
  • Includes alternative material controlled radial blur parts (propeller, sirens, wheels) to simulate better motion blur effect when they rotating fast.

-Number of Blueprints: 11 (2 major blueprints)

-Input: Keyboard and Mouse

-Number of Unique Meshes: 54 (Skeletal: 14, Static: 40)

-Collision: Yes

-Vertex Count: 82 to 95,903

-Triangles: 74 to 67,219

-LODs: Yes, some are up to 5, most of them are manually processed.

-Major Parts Triangle Details (LOD 0 to LOD Last):

Aircraft MainFrame: 67,219/33,706/18,833/10,743/4,403/2,466

Cockpit Base: 31,101/12,983/4,575/1,565/253

Pilot Comp: 63,183/5,927/2,717/1,141

Gunner Comp: 21,351/2,284/1,242/505

-Number of Materials and Material Instances: 203 (Most of them are letter and number decals)

-Number of Textures: 161

-Texture Resolutions: 256 to 4096

-Supported Development Platforms: Windows: Yes / Mac: Not Tested

-Important/Additional Notes: The Basic Flying Demo Map is experimental, it has some defects. The 4.27 version has a better result than UE5 version.