Garage Escape / Game Ready / Environment

PbrMaster - 環境 - 2023/05/31

Professionally prepared garage escape environment scene is with you. 🌟You need to find the Secret Pin Code to get out the door!

  • サポートされたプラットフォーム
  • サポートされたエンジンバージョン
    5.2 - 5.4
  • ダウンロードのタイプ
    アセット パック
    この製品には、Unreal Engine アセットを詰め合わせたものが入っています。任意の既存プロジェクトにインポート可能です。

Trailer: Youtube

A gruesome murder committed in the garage traps our protagonist inside. As they find a single clue, hope ignites within them. Navigating through the dark labyrinth of the garage, they unravel the mystery bit by bit with each clue. With determination and wit, they strive to overcome the obstacles in the garage, surpassing the traps set along the way. The ticking clock turns the situation into a race against time to capture the culprit and save their own life. Resolute and unwavering, the hero ventures through the dark realm of the garage, but will they ultimately achieve freedom?

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When you find the secret PIN code, head straight for the door and enter the password and escape the room!

Products used in this project:

  1. Zombie Alien Character V1
  2. 40 Pcs Blood Decal Material Bundle

This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.2+

We recommend using Lumen for this project for better lighting

Here's a documentation of how to enable Lumen for your projects!

Link: Lumen



  •   AAA Quality
  •  High Resolution Textures
  •  Collectable
  • Door Blueprint
  •  4k Texture
  •  Realistic

Number of Unique Meshes:57

Collision: Yes,automatically generated

LODs: No

Number of Materials and Material Instances:86

Number of Textures:162

Texture Resolutions: 512x512/1024x1024/2048x2048/4096x4096

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes