Fantasy Music Toolkit - Volume I

Enigmatic Requiem - 音楽 - 2023/06/03
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10 High-Quality, Handcrafted Fantasy Tracks (137 Cues)

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Fantasy Music Toolkit - Volume I

As my tentative first release on the Unreal Engine marketplace, is the first volume in the Fantasy Music Toolkit.

With the latest and greatest instrument libraries & effects available on the market, each music track contains ultra realistic instruments with delicate and precise articulations at a high quality. Each track conveys a particular emotion, with great care to avoid sounding repetitive and generic.

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This Pack Provides 10 Unique Themes

Blossom - A beautiful, and somewhat haunting arrangement. Starting with a brass section supported by woodwinds, the piece evolves by bringing in strings, harps, and deep woodwinds further accompanying the brass. Conveying wonder, in an enchanting yet slightly dark atmosphere.

Mysticism - A gentler tone, alluding to a more natural beauty. With gentle strings slowly combining together, a harp quickly comes into focus, before giving way to a piano and violin, a gentle lull. Drums follow, announcing the whole orchestration, without dominating the overall tone. Peacefully, the music then fades, just as a forest path leads to the glade.

Spiritual - A sombre opening, led into with a male choir, with woodwinds and a boy's choir following suit. Gentle strings and more woodwinds come into play, building up the weight of the music as well as the overall melancholy. Then, it fades, the choirs yielding to the strings, before the piano is all that is left.

Nordic Winter - A delicate piano in the background, with woodwinds and bass strings in the forefront. A thick sound, the strings providing warmth, and the piano an undertone of frigid loneliness. Altogether it evokes a bittersweet feeling, before fading out to sustaining strings, as rampant snowfall would obscure the sight of any nearby civilization.

Explorer - A lonely, dark piece conveying the barren tundra, where peoples and beasts have come and gone as the millenia passed. Two distinct pianos accompany each other, where one is darker and at the front, the other lonelier and distant. Strings, quiet woodwinds, and occasional booming drum hits, a welling of emotion then fades, with a lone woodwind fading slowly away after the climax.

Conquest - Dark, aggressive strings, accompanied by thick powerful drums and brass. As a fire builds from small sparks to a roaring fire, so does the roaring brass and barbarian chants. With drums following in kind, the result is dark, angry, and intense.

Mountain Pass - Deep, reverberant brass with gentle, warm strings underneath. To convey the feeling of wanderlust; from leaving the mundane and comfortable, to find the wondrous and unfamiliar. Distant harp plucks, and a violin with strings that sing, there is a slight sadness which yields to the excitement of exploring the unknown.

The Dragon's Haven - To convey the dread of a powerful being that has discovered your trespass, echoing drums and hits with dissonant brass build up. Giving way to aggressive strings, accompanied by rolling hits, the strings continue to build with others building up the tone even more. The emotions go from dread, to dangerous wonder, back and forth. As one despairs at a dragon's flight, so are they awed by the spectacle.

Time Goes By - Intense emotion, that of a peace paid for in bloody sacrifice, the track begins with solemn strings and woodwinds, harps and violins layering on top to change the view from looking back, to looking ahead. A slow build up over the length of the track, with a gentle climax giving way to strings that bid farewell to the past.

Remembrance - Respect for the fallen; melancholic woodwinds, brass, and strings all come together, with hits and a choir changing the tone to solemn. Followed by a female choir, the track becomes jubilant, with the male choir and quiet strings fading away to the end of the track.

Each theme comes with Full, Underscore, Melody, & 60 Second versions

Each version comes with:

Dynamics Control variants - Compression applied to the audio, normalizing the loudness of the track. This is important during gameplay, so the audio can be "ducked" (reduced in volume) when needed. E.g, when characters are talking.

All audio stems - The individual audio tracks, such as the Drums track, Strings, Brass, Choir, etc.

In total, there are 137 individual tracks.



  • 10 Unique fantasy themes
  • Created with the latest & greatest realistic libraries
  • Uses realistic articulations throughout
  • Includes Theme/Melody/Underscore/60 Second/Stems/Compressed tracks and cues
  • Mixed & Mastered using state of the art VSTs

Number of Audio Wavs: 137

Number of Audio Cues: 137

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz

Does music loop: (Yes/No) Yes

Minutes of audio provided: 307 Minutes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes