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Copy Vertex Colors Editor Tool


Copy vertex color channels between meshes

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    エンジン プラグイン
    この製品には、コード プラグインが含まれており、ビルド済みのバイナリと Unreal Engine に統合される全ソースコードが完備されています。任意のエンジン バージョンにインストールし、プロジェクト毎に有効化することが可能です。

This tool allows to copy vertex colors between meshes, you can choose which channels you want to copy.

Only the selected channels will be copied, other channels will not be overwritten.

Use case: you have a mesh with RGB vertex color, you bake something in Alpha (which also deletes the RGB), you copy RGB back using the tool.

Important: Both meshes must have exactly the same number of vertex colors!

To start the plugin go to "Engine/Plugins/IGToolsCVC Content" folder (in Content Browser), right click on "UI_CopyVertexColors" and select "Run Editor Utility Widget"



  •  Copy vertex colors between meshes
  •  Choose which channel to copy
  •  Can copy into destination mesh or create a new mesh

Code Modules:

  •  IGToolsCVC (Editor)

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of C++ Classes: 1

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: None (Editor Tool)

Required plugins: Geometry Script