Temperature Component

AD-HD Games - Blueprints - Mar 25, 2023

Give your characters the ability to REALLY FEEL hot & cold with this easy to integrate, multiplayer ready, temperature component.

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    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Add the temperature component to your character and give them the ability to feel hot & cold!

*v2 UPDATE - Screen Effects and Hot&Cold Animations added

*v3 UPDATE - Replication issues fixed, New water volume added and volume visuals in editor updated

*v4 UPDATE - Celsius to Fahrenheit logic, Day&Night Cycle example, Sounds for Hot & Cold states

*v5 UPDATE - Undercover logic added to negate temperature variations when under shelter (basic weather volume for snow & rain included)

*v6 UPDATE - World Z Temperature override and possessable actor logic

Demo Video

v2 Demo Video

v4 Demo Video

This easy to integrate system comes with three temperature volumes that can be added into your level(and actors) to affect the current temperature of any character that contains the temperature component. Temperature variations of the volumes are completely customisable and you can even place volumes within other volumes for more diverse conditions in your levels.

The "World" volume is used to create temperature zones within your level.

The "Fire" volume can be placed in actors such as campfires & torches to heat the specified area. This type of volume wll automatically calculate how close the character is to the centre of the volume and increase the temperature as the character gets closer to the centre.

The "Water" volume can be placed in the level to give your oceans and lakes a more realistic feel. The deep the character ventures in the volume, the colder it gets. This volume is set to automatically compensate for the size of the volume. A small puddle or pool will have no temperature variation where as a deep ocean will get colder towards the bottom.

The temperature component comes with a minimum & maximum temperature range that the character can safely stay in without getting damaged by hot or cold temperatures. There are five body part variations that can be updated when the character equips clothes/armour to increase the current temperature range.

Technical Details


  •  Single component to add to your character BP
  •  Three custom volumes that can be used to affect the current temperature of the character
  •  Temperature gauge widget included to represent the current temperature values
  • Basic health system to show functionality
  • Logic included for changing the safe temperature range when equipping clothes/armour/equipment
  • Easy to use interface events that can be called from other systems such as day&night(not included)/weather(not included) to affect the character's temperature
  • Fire volume can be added to actors such as campfires/torches/flaming arrows/magic fireballs etc
  • Post process Screen Effects
  • Hot & Cold animations added
  • two custom water volumes with different functionality for more diversity
  • Day & Night cycle demonstration included
  • Sounds for hot & cold states
  • Undercover logic to negate temperature variations when player is under shelter
  • Basic weather volume to simulate snow and rain
  • World Z temperature override to give the option of setting world temperatures for different heights
  • Possessable actor example logic allows players to continue being effected by temperature whilst possessing other actors in the world (i.e. a car or horse)
  • More features to come in future updates!

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Supported Development Platforms: Windows

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