Simple Clone Tool

SoraSphere - Blueprints - Sep 17, 2023
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Use only one blueprint to quickly complete the diverse copying and array requirements of static meshes or blueprint actors.

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    5.0 - 5.3
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.


English Document

A blueprint that combines several common cloning methods, including linear, circular, matrix, spline and spline mesh. With the universal item-by-item transformation, random transformation, fixed-angle Z-axis rotation, alignment to surface and other functions, various arrangement requirements can be realized. You don’t have to worry about finding which blueprint to use to complete the required copy function. .

Also includes the corresponding editor tool blueprint, which allows you to select the BluePrintActor or StaticMeshActor you want to copy in the scene, and use the "Clone" function in "Scripted actor action->CloneTool" to quickly create a clone tool (use selection the last object transform). After completing parameter adjustments to obtain the desired clone arrangement, select the CloneTool blueprint and also use the "InstanceClone" function to instantiate and place the static mesh actor or blueprint actor in the scene for subsequent adjustments.

Technical Details

Partial parameter description:

Base group:

SkipSpawnNum - Add the corresponding serial number to skip the generation of the specified project

ElementSetting :

FixedZRotateByIndex - Rotate the cloned object in the Z-axis direction by an integer multiple of the selected angle. If random is enabled, it will be rotated by a random integer multiple (for example, if FixedZRotateByIndex=30 is selected, then No. 2 will rotate 30 degrees and No. 3 will rotate 60 degrees).

RingMode :

HexXY——The degree of rotation of the same plane from the inside to the outside for each revolution

HexY - the degree of rotation of each layer from bottom to top

SplineMode :

UseOtherSpline - Use a Blueprint that already exists in the scene and contains a spline component

SplineInput - Select a Blueprint that already exists in the scene and contains a spline component

SplineMeshMode :

ConnectorMesh - Use Mesh to place at the junction of spline meshes

ConnectorScale——Set the Scale corresponding to the Mesh respectively (relative value)

RandomSetting :

UseAbsScale - Random scaling factor is always greater than 1

Number of Blueprints:

1 Main Blueprints

2 Auxiliary Blueprints (Editor Tools Blueprint & Instanced Static Mesh Blueprint)

Six simple static meshes and simple materials for testing and demonstrating effects

Four simple blueprints for testing Actor cloning and instantiation functionality

A simple demonstration scene