LightAct for Unreal

LightAct - Code Plugins - Mar 2, 2023

Use Unreal Engine for projection mapping, multi-media installations, virtual production and live-events.

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LightAct is a media server that works with Unreal Engine. It has a powerful projection mapping toolset and other features that allow you to use Unreal Engine in projection mapping, multi-media installations, live-events and virtual production.

LightAct for Unreal plugin introduces a revolutionary workflow enabling Unreal Engine to work with LightAct in a completely seamless way.

You can read more about the new workflow on Media Server for Unreal Engine page.

LightAct can be downloaded free of charge here.

Project Examples

Projects where the plugin has been used:

Technical Details


  • Low-latency texture sharing between Unreal and LightAct
  • Syncing of timecodes
  • Genlocking
  • Two-way sharing of custom data

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64bit

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 64bit

Documentation & Support: