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Architectural Visualization Template by Studio 3n3

The complete package includes the following: All Levels (Starter, Studio, Blueprints and Materials), UIs, Complete Material set, LUT, IES, PCG, Menus and more!

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    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

Hi there!

Following the requests from some of you through my YouTube channel, I've managed to pack and polish my template and put it up for sale.

Due to the way the project is published by Epic in the Marketplace, the color of the folders won't show up as per the image.

If you want those colors in your project folders, download the resources and copy the EditorPerProjectUserSettings file to your project directory: \ProjectName\Saved\Config\WindowsEditor

Template Resources: Link to Download

Documentation/Guide: Youtube Playlist

Discord Channel: Link

Demo (Blueprints Level): Link to Download

This template or project base will allow you to get up and running with Unreal Engine and create visually appealing and realistic representations of environments, photoshoots, and architectural designs, indoor or outdoor. 

This is what I've been using for all my projects and it'll get updated regularly with new features based on your feedback and acquired knowledge.

What is it for?

The main purpose of this template is to help you speed up your workflow to save you time (and money) when creating projects with tight deadlines.

Who'll benefit from it?

Anyone who wants to use Unreal Engine professionally, whether the application is for architecture, interiors, product visualization, engineering, or even virtual production.

Technical Details

What's inside?

You'll find the following:

Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product)

  • Clean Starting Level, Example Level, Studio Level, Blueprints, Materials Level, and Backups Level;
  • Structured and organized file system;
  • Sky Blueprint using HDRI system;
  • Character Movement using the new Enhanced Input Action system;
  • Character Interaction with Blueprints, such as changing color, and variants, playing music/video, changing sky, opening doors, etc;
  • Blueprints for pivot, bifold, and sliding doors;
  • Master Materials, Material Functions, and Material Instances;
  • Structured and detailed parameters for Materials Instances;
  • User Interface with menu and icons;
  • Ambient sound and footsteps sounds are available; (Sound from
  • Helpful props such as a human for scale and color reference plane/spheres;
  • PCG graphs, using splines (my favorite method);
  • A Studio that includes a turntable and different backdrops, helpful for product photoshoots;
  • A selection of IES for lighting;
  • Custom-made LUTs based on real architecture photography;
  • Movie Render config ready and 3 types of cameras: DSLR 16:9, Square 1:1, Vertical 9:16;
  • Movie Render Queue presets for Deferred rendering and Path Tracer.