AlesiaDavina The Siren Vol 1 Horror Voice Pack

AlesiaDavina - Sound Effects - Dec 30, 2023

A set of 102 attractive and beguiling siren horror voices and vocals.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.2 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

A set of 97 attractive and beguiling siren horror voices and 5 siren horror vocals. The horror voices audio files are available as processed samples (with reverb) and also as dry samples (without reverb). In total the set contains 199 audio files.

The audio files are divided into the following groups:

- Greets the Player

- Attacks the Player

- Kills the Player

- Killed by the Player

- New Game / Misc

- Siren Melodies / Vocals

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The list below contains only the spoken phrases. For a complete overview of all audio files contained in the asset, please download the sound list.

Close Your Eyes Dear Sailor And Let My Melody Soothe You

Come Closer

Drown Your Fears In My Song And Let Them Be Carried Away

Hear My Calling

I Am So Alone

Im So Alone Here

Join Me In A Dance And Together We Will Tame The Tempest

My Kiss Will Grant You Immortality Beneath The Seas Surface

The Sea Will Swallow You Up

Together We Will Explore The Secrets Hidden Beneath The Waves

Trust Me And I Will Make You A King Of The Deep

With Me You Will Find The Serenity You Have Sought For So Long

Can You Help Me

Cast Aside Your Troubles Sailor And Become One With The Sea

Come To Me

I Am The Sea

Im Reaching Out For You

Let My Song Be Your Guide Through These Troubled Waters

Sailor You Are Meant For Greatness And I Can Give It To You

The Sea Can Be A Harsh Mistress But I Offer Solace

Your Ship Is Weary But My Waters Are Calm And Inviting

Help Me

I Will Stay By Your Side

Im So In Love With You

Let It End

Release Me

The Sea Is A Jealous Lover But I Will Always Be Yours

Abandon Hope For There Is No Escape From My Grasp

Desperation Lead You To Me And Know You Will Pay The Price

Embrace The Unknown Sailor For It Is Where The True Wonders Lie

Fear Me

I Am So Hungry

I Will Drag You Down To The Depths Where Pain Is Eternal

I Will Feast Upon Your Screams As The Waves Consume You

In My Embrace You Will Know A Darkness Deeper Than The Abyss

Into The Abysses

Once You Are Beneath The Waves Theres No Coming Back

Poor Weak Human

The Ocean Demands A Sacrifice And You Are Chosen

The Sea Sings A Sirens Song And I Sing It To You My Love

You Cant Escape

You Have Stumbled Into My Domain Foolish Mortal

You Thought You Could Conquer The Sea But It Has Conquered You

Your Cries Will Harmonize With My Wicked Song

Your Fate Is Sealed And Your Soul Shall Be Mine

Your Fate was Sealed The Moment You Heared My Voice

I Missed You

Let Me Love You

Technical Details

[ Format ]

Stereo WAV files

High quality 16 bit / 44.1 kHz

Works on all platforms

Works with any version

Number of audio wavs: 199

Number of audio cues: 199

Minutes of audio provided: 27 min

Do sound FX loop: No