Unreal Fast Track

Fast-track your way to learn Unreal Engine

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Are you a university student who wants to learn Unreal Engine? Epic Games is bringing university students from around the world together for a five-week online game development challenge taking place on Discord. It's totally free, no experience required.

The Unreal Fast Track is about more than just learning the engine. To assist you with classwork and projects, we will provide tools, resources, and coaching in the Unreal Fast Track hub on Discord to help you work remotely. To ensure that you can connect with peers and learn from professionals, we will host weekly Q&As in the Discord hub with experts from many different parts of the games industry.

If you're interested to know more, check out the Unreal Fast Track blog post for more details. Ready to come along for the ride with us? Go ahead and register now!

Learn Unreal Engine together in small teams

Workshop One: Introduction to the engine and making a third-person platformer

In the first workshop, you’ll get an introduction to the Epic Games launcher, the Unreal Editor, level building, and basic Blueprint functionality. You’ll explore adjusting character movement, basic level design, and adding death and respawning to your game.

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Workshop Two: Diving into Blueprints, Powerups, and Obstacles

For the second workshop, we’re going deeper into Blueprints, understanding what their purpose is, the different kinds that exist, and learning how they work. After you get a grip on Blueprints, you’ll walk through adding Power Ups and Fire into your game.

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Workshop Three: UMG: HUDs, health, and high scores

In the third workshop, we’ll be learning about UMG, Unreal Motion Graphics. You’ll learn how to use Widgets to create menus, pause screens, and user interfaces. Then you’ll be using UMG to add health and score to your game, as well as a menu and pause screen.

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Workshop Four: Starting the twin-stick shooter and implementing AI

The fourth workshop is the start of a long course that touches many systems inside the engine. It reviews some of the topics we’ve gone over and introduces new topics while showing them in the framing of a whole project. The fourth workshop will walk you halfway through the course. After completing the first half of the course during the fourth workshop, you’ll add simple AI enemies to your own project.

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Workshop Five: Finishing the twin-stick shooter and your own project

The final workshop finishes the twin-stick shooter course. You’ll continue to review systems and integrate new ones as you finish the experience. For the final addition to your own project, you’ll add the ability for your character to shoot, and polish some of the other aspects of your game.

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