MSUL 2013 Winner Prepares for First Release on Steam

作者 Unreal Engine

Dead Shark Triplepunch, winner of Make Something Unreal Live (MSUL) 2013, melds classic twitch-style gameplay with an unlikely science-based mechanic to introduce a smart, intense eSports contender in Epigenesis.

Now available on Steam Early Access, this “love letter to Quake and Unreal Tournament’s Bombing Run” is a fast-paced game of the future served up in an online multiplayer arena, as two opposing teams square off in an ever-evolving landscape dictated by how players place and activate sprouting seeds.

Read the Unreal Engine showcase here.

Dead Shark Triplepunch talks about how winning MSUL 2013 has impacted the young indie team, including their successful transition from Unreal Development Kit (UDK) to full source Unreal Engine 3 to complete the game.


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