July 2013 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

作者 Unreal Engine

Today, we at Epic Games, Inc. have released the July 2013 Unreal Development Kit (UDK) Beta, for download, available here.

This is a more focused update, specifically targeted to remove a ship-blocking bug (and a few other minor issues) from users who are experiencing these issues. It was important to us as a team to get this information and build out to you as soon as possible, rather than waiting for a larger build, because these fixes are going to be so beneficial for some of you.

  • Resolved the streaming memory leak issue.
  • UDID was removed for iOS. This should help users who were experiencing problems like those noted here: http://forums.epicgames.com/threads/962547-iTunes-Problem-Invalid-Binary
  • Apps on iOS should now have stable and consistent audio, even when opening the Alarm Clock
  • Apps on iOS should now have stable and consistent experiences when Siri is opened during a loading movie.

Thanks for your work in UDK, and we are honored to be able to continue to support you in making your projects become reality.



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