AimToG Announces ‘Angels in the Sky,’ World’s First Commercially Released Unreal Engine 4 Mobile Game

作者 Dana Cowley

Korean game developer AimToG announces the release of Angels in the Sky, the world’s first commercially released Unreal Engine 4 mobile game, available now for iOS. Angels in the Sky is a 3D flight-based first-person shooter (FPS), incorporating simple yet diverse weapons accompanied by the excitement of a strategic flying shooter. The game also features a unique reverse movement mechanic, allowing players to fly backwards while shooting down enemies, providing an unpredictable and dynamic gaming experience.

Established in 2004, the team at AimToG is led by games industry experts, with developers highly experienced in 3D virtual worlds, first-person shooters, online role-playing games and global community games.

“The team here at AimToG is extremely excited and thankful to be able to work with one of the world’s most prestigious game developers, Epic Games, and use its Unreal Engine to bring the game to life,” said Hongjoon Park, president of AimToG.  “Although AimToG is relatively unknown as a developer, starting with this title, we aim to change that and jump into the global market aggressively.”

“Since AimToG’s developers are familiar with Unreal Engine technology thanks to their experiences building Hell Gate: London, Viper Circle, and many other games, the expectations we have for Angels In The Sky are extraordinary,” said Ray Park, the president of Epic Games Korea. “We appreciate that AimToG is the first studio to ship a mobile game with Unreal Engine 4, and they have the full support of the Epic team.”

To view the first trailers for Angels in the Sky, visit http://youtu.be/BFSYNDZRXNM and http://youtu.be/N19p2L0-BcU.

Angels in the Sky is available now at https://itunes.apple.com/app/id883477291?mt=8.

Follow recent updates regarding Angels in the Sky on YouTube, the official Angels in the Sky Facebook page, and at www.playais.com



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