The Martian VR Experience

Unreal Engine 4 Propels ‘The Martian VR Experience’

John Gaudiosi on Dec 8, 2016 | games vr

When executive producer Ridley Scott and director Robert Stromberg teamed up to turn Scott’s Academy Award-winning The Martian movie into a virtual reality experience, they turned to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 technology to provide the necessary jet fuel to power the 20-minute-long interactive journey.


Inside Earthlight, the Viral Space Game that had Reddit Fooled

Jeremy Peel on Nov 28, 2016 | games vr

PCGamesN catches up with Opaque Media Group to discuss Earthlight’s journey from a remarkable reddit fascination to a fun and enjoyable game.

Breaking New Ground in Virtual Reality

How Unreal Engine is Breaking New Ground in the Construction Industry

Keef Sloan on Nov 7, 2016 | enterprise visualization and training vr

Groundbreakings are nothing new to the world of construction, but a recent groundbreaking in virtual reality has brought a new sense of innovation and imagination to the concept.

Field Trip to Mars

Out of This World - An Inside Look at the Making of “Field Trip to Mars”

Keef Sloan on Oct 14, 2016 | education enterprise simulation vr

We catch up with Framestore to discuss the design, implementation and sheer gratification of its breakthrough project that has the technology world buzzing.

Unreal Engine 4 Helps FX Scare San Diego Comic Con Attendees

Unreal Engine 4 Helps FX Scare San Diego Comic Con Attendees

John Gaudiosi on Oct 3, 2016 | vr

The American Horror Story Fear VR Experience was one of the most talked about virtual reality experiences at the annual pop culture convention. Find out why right now.