Binding Players Together in RITE of ILK

Brian Rowe on Feb 16, 2017 | games

Two children bound by the ancient traditions of their village, Mokh and Tarh must venture into the unknown lands of a devastated world on a quest to win back the favor of the gods and save their tribe from extinction.

All Walls Must Fall

How All Walls Must Fall Generates Its Tech-noir Berlin Nightclubs

Jeremy Peel on Feb 7, 2017 | games

PCGamesN’s Jeremy Peel explores Unreal Engine’s impact on All Walls Must Fall and how the developers have reimagined the city they live and work in as a 2089 hub of espionage and wetwork, where the Cold War never ended.


Bandai Namco Goes For The KO With Unreal Engine 4 In Tekken 7

John Gaudiosi on Feb 1, 2017 | games

Find out how the team behind Tekken 7 leaned on Unreal Engine 4 to bring the next installment in the long-running franchise to life.

TV Trouble

TV Trouble is WarioWare Reimagined as a '60s Period Piece

Jeremy Peel on Jan 30, 2017 | games

PCGamesN’s Jeremy Peel explores TV Trouble, a game that has you working as a TV repair person in 1967 as you embrace the plastic clunk of analogue buttons and the gentle wash of white noise.

Smite Tactics

The Gods Go Turn-Based in Smite Tactics

Jeremy Peel on Jan 26, 2017 | games

Running a successful MOBA is a job that never finishes, and Smite is a project that has no end. It’s certainly not something that Hi-Rez would complain about. But for lead designer Scott Zier, who grew up with Civ and X-Com to become a player of tabletop games like Warhammer and X-Wing, the urge to pull the game’s cast of gods and immortals sideways into a new genre was building.