Smite Tactics

The Gods Go Turn-Based in Smite Tactics

Jeremy Peel on Jan 26, 2017 | games

Running a successful MOBA is a job that never finishes, and Smite is a project that has no end. It’s certainly not something that Hi-Rez would complain about. But for lead designer Scott Zier, who grew up with Civ and X-Com to become a player of tabletop games like Warhammer and X-Wing, the urge to pull the game’s cast of gods and immortals sideways into a new genre was building.

Train SIm World

Inside the Imposing Engines of Train Sim World

Jeremy Peel on Jan 23, 2017 | games

PCGamesN’s Jeremy Peel takes a look at Dovetail’s Train Sim World to explore the player’s desire to play as the train or its driver. It’s a subtle distinction, but one that distinguishes the new Train Sim World from previous iterations in the popular series.

Game School Online

Learn Unreal Engine 4 Development from Professional AAA Devs via Game School Online

Leo Gonzalez on Jan 12, 2017 | academic education

Discover how AAA developers are teaming up to deliver an experienced approach to Unreal Engine learning.


MEG 9 is a Vehicular Shooter from Father of Cyberpunk William Gibson

Jeremy Peel on Jan 9, 2017 | games

In MEG 9, you’re controlling a huge, ten-ton rig on behalf of a corporation investigating an alternate dimension - the Probability Aperture. The corp runs a number of research facilities within the Aperture - which simply means ‘hole’, Portal fans - and one of them has gone offline. Your job is to get in there, check the place out, and get it back online if at all possible.

Project Genom

Project Genom Offers MMO-Fans a Future of Freedom

Brian Rowe on Jan 8, 2017 | games

Powered by UE4, Project Genom allows players to arm themselves with the latest technology in combat robotics, alter their body and harness the preternatural gifts of mutagens, or take to the stars to explore the unknown.